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A load of rich creamery butter

Longo’s created a limited edition ‘butter fountain’ for those who prefer the richer things in life.

Landing page of I want more cats app

Hate ads? Have a kitty instead

Put your paws up: Vancouver-based agency Pressboard is replacing banner ads with pictures of cats.

Help a Dane

Life’s a sunny song

The Danish Cancer Society created a soundtrack for summer sun safety with &Co.


A brutally honest take on sponsors

Leave it to Jay Onrait and Dan O’Toole to admit to kissing up to their sponsors and still win an award.

Sobeys Summer

Sobeys’ serenade to summer

Gravity Partners’ spot shows that summer is about more than grilling and swimming.


International House of Bemusement

You know what they say: if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen, which is apparently now cooking burgers for some reason.

unnamed (6)

All the colours of the city

It’s no surprise that Bleublancrouge is helping Sico show off its true colours.


A new cartoon for when life Boggs you down

They’re colourful. They’re amorphous. Honestly, we’re really not sure. But they’re cute.


A scribble of Canadiana

‘Jesus Murphy’, we gotta get ourselves to ‘Crappy Tire!’


Advertising: It’s not life or death

War is hell. Marketing is not. Check out Union’s take on this year’s Marketing Awards show video.