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Pornhub drops a new beat

The adult site is promoting its new line of sex toys with a song performed with, well, sex toys.

car2go-car2go debuts new Proud to Share mini-documentary series

Car2Go gets personal

The brand is creating mini docs to show how artists, entrepreneurs and activists use their cars.


Medium poutine, Double Double

Smoke’s Poutinerie admits to ‘trolling’ Tim’s in its latest campaign.


Cowabunga, Yokohama

The Canadian tire manufacturer is celebrating its centenary by pulling its product off of cars.

New Polo

Volkswagen snaps for safety

The auto brand’s new campaign features safety selfies that used pedestrian detection technology.

Google Donuts

Google hopes fans will go nuts for donuts

The tech giant is taking a cutesy angle and marketing its new Google Home Mini around donuts.


I take thee, sponsor

Some couples have resorted to soliciting sponsors to finance the big day.


Netflix brings Riverdale diner to Canada

It’s not the first time the streaming service has attracted fans with a themed pop-up.


Spliff-sniffing billboard hits Canada 150 celebrations

An ad campaign where blowing smoke is a good thing.

Libre by Nexus

Libre by Nexus shows immigration as a family issue

The organization is juxtaposing wholesome family images with bleak symbols of oppression and imprisonment.