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The secret life of the copywriter

Miami Ad School Toronto and Grey want writers all around the industry to show off their literary works in the making.


Bread that gets you wasted instead of being wasted

Bob’s Your Uncle shows just how intoxicating it can be to reduce food waste.


A truly fun(gus) campaign

When it comes to fungus, don’t bury your head in the sand. Bury it in your feet.


Discounts truly out of this world

Rosapark’s spot for Cdiscount shows that aliens are tech junkies just like us. Meaning they’re very impatient.


A musical ode to the House of Mouse

Sadly, these branded headphones do not fit Mickey’s ears.


Go fly a kite (or something)

MADD, Uber and Tweed have all sorts of suggestions for what to do during these high times.


A tribute to the best stoner ads

Spoiler alert: It’s literally all food.


A kick in the junk

Trading app Bgon’s short shows the burden of having too much junk.

Super Dweeb

What’s in a name?

Would you be eager to revisit the names and insults that brought you down?


Getting to the meat of your ad

Sid Lee’s new spot for KFC cuts out all the montages, establishing shots and bread.