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Blink and you’ll miss The Weeknd’s new collection

The musician only gives fans until Sunday to exclusively purchase merch for his EP, My Dear Melancholy.

Square 1 x Steph Shep-58

Square One gets buzzworthy

The shopping centre worked with NKPR and urban beekeeping company Alvéole to install four beehives on its rooftop.


Yamaha steps up its AI game

The international brand used artificial intelligence to track movement through music.

Spirit header

Spirit of York shakes it up

The Toronto-based distillery’s slick new ads show that it’s proud to be local.


It’s the final (shower) countdown

The U.K. based WaterAid campaign urges Britain to keep their showers short with a specially timed playlist.


Garnier campaign sees the beauty in YouTube

The company worked with Publicis to roll out a series of YouTube ads for its lates SkinActive mask campaign.


Beautifying Queen Street, one swatch at a time

Zulu Alpha Kilo highlights the not-so-pretty parts of Toronto’s streets to promote a very pretty brand.


Monuments come to life in International Yoga Day campaign

The six-part campaign was created by Sushil Kumar Swamy.


Siggi’s proves sweetness is better is small doses

The yogurt company launched a new campaign featuring men going a little too far to show their affection.

Emily 5 Gum

5 Gum inspires youth to live with no regrets

Launched June 25, the BBDO created campaign, aims to encourage youth to take a tip from their elders and unabashedly follow their dreams.