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Fly away with this little film treasure

Delsey Paris’ campaign features an animated short that highlights the gift of adventure.


Do you know yourself as well as Facebook does?

The Argentinian campaign encourages women to get their annual mammogram.


Smile, it’s allergy season

Reactine started an online petition for the creation of an “Allergy Feels” emoji.


Master your grill one comic strip at a time

Just in time for BBQ season, the five-part Brazilian campaign by JWT offers grilling tips courtesy of artist Rafael Grampá.


Chill out, Coachella, Peet’s got your cold brew

The American coffee company took to the California desert to promote its cold brew coffee to thirsty festival-goers.

The United Collection

Fashion takes a stand

Amsterdam-based fashion collective Young Designers United created a new collection as a statement on global conflicts.

Burger King

What would you do for a BK meal?

The ad for Burger Kings in France promotes the new ‘Kool King’ menu for youth 8 to 12.


New campaign shows the darker side of plastic

FF New York’s emotional new awareness campaign puts pollution in the hot seat.

Air Miles

Take a night off

This spot for Air Miles by Rethink is all about savouring the little moments (and maybe playing hooky on a few responsibilities).


The robots are coming

Animation studio Tendril has brought Autostore into the future.