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Articles by Harmeet Singh

The very funny myth of adulthood

This artist’s doodles, now in book form, will definitely draw smiles on any day of the year.

Copied from strategy - Ikea2

What’s going on downstairs?

Ikea brings its Market Hall to a billboard, magazine and television near you.


Move over, Birkin bag

This shopping bag lets you look like a Lego person-human hybrid.


Mark’s has fun with winter

Are we ready for really, really cold mornings?


WD-40 wants your door to creak

On Halloween, the brand is all for cringe-worthy noises (and has an app to help).


Keeping Trump in ‘cheque’

Why is this anti-Trump initiative sending money to the orange man himself?


LG’s long shot

The brand goes sky high with Raptor Cory Joseph.


Giving America a confidence boost

The Garden’s project reminds our neighbours that they’re already pretty great.


A more than happy birthday message

Writers for a Progressive North Carolina and BooneOakley send the governor a little something on his 60th.


Panasonic prints (makeup) perfection

The tech co now allows users to 3D print just the right amount of foundation and concealer.