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Copied from strategy - ikea throw inside

Ikea gets cozy at Market Hall

The retailer highlights sustainability through recycled materials and lighting in its downstairs merchandise area.


Lighting, to go

This modest little lamp is as nice to look at when it’s not in use as when it’s on.


Out of the depths, into the ROM

The Toronto museum offers a rare opportunity for visitors to learn about blue whale biology.

Copied from strategy - Cashmere

Musical streams

Cashmere plays classical music inside toilets to help shy bathroom visitors go.


The very funny myth of adulthood

This artist’s doodles, now in book form, will definitely draw smiles on any day of the year.

Copied from strategy - Ikea2

What’s going on downstairs?

Ikea brings its Market Hall to a billboard, magazine and television near you.


Move over, Birkin bag

This shopping bag lets you look like a Lego person-human hybrid.


Mark’s has fun with winter

Are we ready for really, really cold mornings?


WD-40 wants your door to creak

On Halloween, the brand is all for cringe-worthy noises (and has an app to help).


Keeping Trump in ‘cheque’

Why is this anti-Trump initiative sending money to the orange man himself?