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Citroen takes the long way home

A hitchhiker travels through time, witnessing a century’s-worth of car models, in a new ad by the French car manufacturer.


World Wildlife Fund uses the power of FOMO

TBWA gave Instagrammers a peak of some picturesque landscapes. But it was already too late.


A ballsy reminder for men

Movember lends a soapy hand in help men remember to check themselves regularly.


With every Lego creation, a thousand lies

Luckily for parents, lying to children has its benefits, according to new ads by Brad.


Pursuing perfection in music and in tech

A new spot for IBM draws parallels between life as a guitarist and life as a tech executive.


AI helps ‘unsilence’ JFK

As the end of the centennial of his birth approaches, the former president finally delivers his Dallas speech.


Canadian Tire taps a golden opportunity

In support of its “We All Play for Canada” campaign, the company extended a golden hockey stick to Canadians.


When being ‘uninteresting’ is a virtue

Insurance company Belairdirect promises to be the most boring provider you’ve ever had.

Women_In_Tech (3 of 8)

Stocking up on photos of women engineers

Plastic Mobile hopes to change your next stock image search results.


Beautified barfing

FlyGTA hopes it won’t be running out of its art-covered vomit bags too quickly.