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Articles by Justin Dallaire

KFC is really FCK-ing sorry

Following chicken shortages in the U.K., the restaurant issues a foul-mouthed apology.

Werktuck chair

A lounge chair that requires some heavy lifting

German company Hornbach’s new build-it-yourself lounge chair makes an argument for accessible design.

Laurence's Secret

Laurence’s secret

An escape-room-like challenge invites people to investigate the signs of chronic alcoholism.

Air Canada_Stim

Canadians fly high with Air Canada

The airline goes all in on the patriotism in new creative for the Olympics.


On Valentine’s Day, #AgenciesNeedLoveToo

Toronto agencies can expect a greeting in the mail this year, sent with love by Elemental.

Wrap Bee

Stop trying to wrap the unwrappable

Don’t bag a bee hive! Plan International suggests playing it safe this Valentine’s Day.


Deflecting the car thief’s gaze

Print ads for Sherlock Antitheft Marking portray the dangers of having your shiny car stand out.


Step into Nissan’s self-driving slippers

The car company’s automonous driving technology is being used on a lot more than cars.

Donair Cam

Nova Scotia Webcams goes meaty

The webcam network wanted to draw more viewers. It found the answer in a spinning hunk of donair meat.

KFC France

Colonel Sanders learns French

KFC France introduces the man behind the famous face.