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Articles by Jennifer Horn

A book you can only read once

Wayward Arts and Lg2 created story books that you have to destroy to reach the end.


Cruel entertainment

Dinosaurs replace bulls in a modern-day violent sport that belongs in the prehistoric age.


Snapchat filters on a stick

This art director gives props to the art of prop-making.


The Desjardins butterfly effect

The credit union’s new marketing platform is all about paying it forward without you even realizing.


Art on strings

Advertising designer Jason Wren does the most remarkable things with a piece of twine.


Lululemon runs toward Toronto

The clothing brand wants more love from the city, which is why it’s using a 10K run to get in front of active folk.


Interns in diapers

A couple of creative babes did something uncomfortable, or ingenious, to land a job in advertising.

stress eater 2

We’re on the hunt for artistic philanthropists

Want to donate the brilliant output of your side project labours and reap Stimulant fame?


Bringing live theatre to film

Send+receive’s spots for the Afghan Women’s Organization turn a negative situation into a positive one in a single take.


A life defined by beeps

Interac Flash makes a case for all the dings (including its own) that keep people moving forward.