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How to Give-A-Care

Flowers won’t rid her of a dry mouth after chemo. A new video shows what will.

face 4

Felt faces to smile about

It’s going to take 100 days for this artist to create 100 characters that have no purpose (except to be painfully adorable).

palm beach

This message not brought to you by…

Friends trust friends, not these faux-ads by The Palm Beaches Florida.

eugen brow

What your brow says about you

There’s real science behind Benefits Cosmetics’ caterpillar translator.


A newfound love for winter

Newfoundland & Labrador compares crappy apples to convivial apples.

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Not your ordinary dog collar

A wearable collar that goes beyond fitness: Link trains your dog and even records their outdoor adventures.

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A new kind of seeing eye

This thinking app describes the world in front of those without sight.

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Waste not, fertilize much

A compact recycler can turn last night’s leftovers into tomorrow morning’s plant food.

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Power from the ceiling Gods

Phone battery dead? Stay where you are. This tile can wirelessly charge your device as you stand.

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Forget your driver’s license

This wearable combines biometric fingerprint and voice recordings so your identity is never questioned.