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A note to our new readers

Welcome former MarketingTV readers, here’s all you need to know about your new best blog friend.

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Searching for creative juice

This guy is having a (really) hard time being OK with the fact that Scratch folk are juicing.

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Check this holiday mixtape twice

Who needs Christmas carols when OneMethod’s resident DJ has mad merry mixing skills?

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Saint Nick at the press of a button

Elemental’s app connects you with a nearby mall or street Santa to visit when you need him most.


Where’s Aldo?

Can you find him? Cundari takes the title for most frustrating (but most fulfilling) holiday card so far this year.

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Fancy a game of gingerbread Ping-Pong?

Rethink broke this regulation-sized table into pieces and mailed it to its loved ones. Yum.

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Sounds of the season

Created by Cleansheet, the “soundvent” calendar shares audio of things from snow fights to people entering a home from the cold.

Dec2-buzz version

How much is that doggy in the window?

This holiday season, The Hive turned its office exterior into a giant adoption advent calendar.

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Jacknife-designed gifts for every type

From a baller to a weekend warrior, the shop has curated gifts for every dude (and dudette) in your life.

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Dmitri rolls over, so you don’t have to

Zulu Alpha Kilo is using a sweet pup to do all of its apologizing (and it’s working).