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The internet improves everything

Swedish telco Telia encourages you to embrace the shallow escapism of being online.

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Scratching out Alzheimer’s

A B.C. organization uses your coin to erase the disease.


Who’s that talking?

A new app aims to balance out boardroom conversations by analyzing the pitch of male and female voices.


A soundtrack for the resistance

This interactive music video’s easter eggs create a tool kit for viewers to fight social and political apathy.

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KFC takes you to cooking school

The restaurant chain pulls back the curtain on how it prepares its crispy chicken.


Unforgettable packaging

Alzheimer Society of Canada and 29 Fevrier partner to create a paint-size can of syrup, complete with a tap.


Netflix ads spread like a virus

Drew Barrymore (literally) devours the competition in billboards for The Santa Clarita Diet.

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How bitter can you go?

New print ads for Farnham Ale & Lager show a range of bitterness for everyone, from blanket hogging bedmates to clumsy boaters.

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Furniture for DIYers

Affordable and easy-to-screw-together furniture for those looking to venture outside Ikea.

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Valin facilitates a bonding moment

The Quebec City tailor and Lg2 tell a father’s story about his trans son.