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Copied from strategy - 1701_imprime_farnham_en_bitter_lit_vignette

How bitter can you go?

New print ads for Farnham Ale & Lager show a range of bitterness for everyone, from blanket hogging bedmates to clumsy boaters.

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Furniture for DIYers

Affordable and easy-to-screw-together furniture for those looking to venture outside Ikea.

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Valin facilitates a bonding moment

The Quebec City tailor and Lg2 tell a father’s story about his trans son.

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That couch was made for tracking

Leon’s is creating a receiver that records the amount of time you sit on a couch (and bond) with the family.

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Keurig makes things simple

The brewer is getting cheeky in a campaign that disses the drip.

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Getting to the truth

The Canadian Down Syndrome Society has those living with the condition answer tough questions typically Googled.


Sky-high customer service

WestJet brings back its “Owners Care” message by showing true stories of employees saving turtles and wedding rings.

Copied from strategy - tct

Trans Canada Trail says hello

How far can you go? The soon-to-open outdoor trail shows a slice of what’s out there.


The BMO Effect gets stranger

A Stranger Things star gets his poolside fun foiled in the bank’s latest spot.


Audi and Airbnb team up in the desert

Soon, anyone will be able to rent the stylish home and car from the joint brand spot.