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ActionAgainstHunger_CanGold16 (1)

Can Gold > Cannes Gold

We get it, you have an anti-awards campaign. At least BBH New York is doing theirs for a worthy cause.


Sharing the love

The kids in Rethink’s latest ads for CCDI tweak their Father’s Day gifts for their not one, but two dads.


Universe in an envelope

Why just send a letter when you can also send a perfect recreation of a starry constellation?


A smashing good stunt

Red’s billboard simulating a car crash for Thor Insurance gets a little too real for residents of Toefield, Alberta.

Copied from strategy - adschool

Tough love from Miami Ad School

A new spot promoting the Toronto school’s opening shows that no one gets better by being babied.


How much does furniture really cost?

Can you get an Ikea bed frame for the cost of a sheet of stamps? No, but they’re still pretty affordable.


Say it with more than words

Nick Offerman and his dad show off their deeply meaningful, silent bond for Lagavulin whisky.


Bike bells that make cycling safer

Hövding lets the mayor of London know how unsafe it is to bike there, sending him an email every time cyclists ring their bells.


Do you know the way to Peckerpinch?

The Hive promotes a film about an orgy in small town Canada with a highly suggestive card game.

6 - Shot_on_Phone_Wall_Wide

What most pics shot on a phone look like

Rethink parodies a well-known iPhone campaign to show why you need cameras from a store like Lens & Shutter.