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Redefining patriotism

The Ad Council got John Cena to body slam people’s pre-conceived notions of what America looks like for the Fourth of July.

Copied from strategy - crispymini

Crispy Minis’ bite-sized content

A collection of humourous GIFs look to fit the Quaker brand into a mom’s busy day.


Walking on water

Artists created a path made of out fabric that stretches across an Italian lake. And hundreds of people have been walking across it.


A court that moves with traffic

Volkswagen’s moving basketball hoop makes the most of unused parking spots.


Funny food for thought

Tribal’s Frank Macera has some thoughts he’d like to share in a pair of books that’ll make you think while you laugh.


An eight-storey show of support

SapientNitro and Derooted make a larger-than-life statement backing everyone celebrating Pride Month in Toronto.

Condom campaign online ad2

Classy prophylactics

McKim makes stylish scarves and belts with condom-inspired prints for the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority.

Cannes Meow 2

A cattier Cannes app

FCB/Six’s Cannes Meow focuses on the things you really care about during the festival.


Making laundry less of a chore

Trouble getting your teen to help around the house? Samsung will let them trade dirty clothes for video game time.

ActionAgainstHunger_CanGold16 (1)

Can Gold > Cannes Gold

We get it, you have an anti-awards campaign. At least BBH New York is doing theirs for a worthy cause.