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A buzz-worthy children’s book

Honey Nut Cheerios partners with a kids lit legend to launch another ‘Bring Back the Bees’ effort.


A dep out of time

Molson Export and Sid Lee take a few corner stores back to the age when stubbies ruled!


Masculinity walks a razor’s edge

Harry’s touching film about what it means to be a man finds emotional root amid a confusing topic for boys.


You clever clucker, you

Top Chef Canada winner Nicole Gomes gets cheeky as KFC struggles overseas.

FU Award 1

Co-Op says ‘F U’ to a new crop of freelancers

The second annual freelancer awards names 10 top national talents.

McDo-Valentine-Panneau2 FR

McDonald’s asks ‘Qui aimes-tu?’

Cossette and Astral team up to bring messages of love to Montreal streets.


Toyota starts its impossible with a Dutch paralympian

The global Olympic sponsor taps a personal story.


Funeral for a fisherman

A quirky, darkly comic take on what could befall the careless boater.


An unexpected driving instructor

Nissan touches on culture and change to reach out to Saudi women.


Cringe along with Manger Things

Elemental and Original’s intentionally awfully spoof takes a good-natured swipe at creatives.