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HEAT TECH WINDOW_installed_2

Uniqlo’s OOH coup

The brand reimagined its HeatTech clothing as window insulation, generating half a million free ads.


The bright side of Brexit

Virgin Atlantic finds the silver lining in the economic upheaval around Britain’s EU divorce.


Booty Pops and other breakfast abominations

Cereal Motel brings some racy new flavours to the wholesome category.


Portraits in the Tinder age

Artist Jiyeon Kim passes on live models in favour of dating site selfies.


Do mail carriers dream of electric toys?

Director Michel Gondry keeps it surreal in this FedEx ad.


That’s not Cory Joseph. You’re just hungry.

The Raptors guard stars in Snickers’ latest ad by BBDO Toronto.


Viva the hydro revolution

Lg2′s new spot for Hydro-Quebec places the energy provider in historical context.


This calendar is almost magic

Designer Kosho Tsuboi takes a step toward bridging analog and digital worlds.


Helping kids, one mesh at a time

Big Brothers of Greater Vancouver taps into March Madness with a hoops-focused campaign.


Wilco’s Toronto retail tribute

Check out the band’s concert poster homage to Honest Ed’s and Sam the Record Man.