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Articles by Megan Haynes
tea bag holder

Bag this

Fishing polar bears make great tea bag holders. Who’d a thought?

Copied from strategy - powerlace

Shoes, a la Marty McFly

Want a pair of self-lacing shoes worthy of Back to the Future?


Who’s in control of the creative?

Lg2 finds the real cause of marketing woes.

Canada’s tech upstarts

Using mind and muscle control to pour beer and change channels.

Chocolate paint 3

Edible art

Paint that’s more than OK to eat.


Holiday chicken cheer

KFC brings peace on earth.


Awesome girls

GoldieBlox’s epic domino effect.


Jingle balls

Kmart shows its Joes.

Sick kids

Little hero

SickKids spotlights a cancer survivor.


Crunch battle

Oatmeal Crisp takes on all challengers.