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A slice of Letterkenny in Toronto

Fans of the CraveTV show were spoiled with a pop-up shop featuring merchandise and set pieces from the comedy.


The next-gen selfie?

A London Lego store is allowing visitors to create the ultimate in customizable building sets.


Drink a beer, build a beach

Having a cold one on the beach just became an environmental act in New Zealand, thanks to DB Export.


When only the best will do

Peru’s Cusquena Beer and McCann Lima highlight all that the country has to offer.

Copied from Media in Canada - dairyFarmersOfCanadaUnionStation

The Dairy Farmers’ waterfall of tears

Prepare to well up with creative envy: this crying sign at Union Station is a media smart extension of the org’s latest platform.


Smile, you’re on creepy surveillance footage

A Snowden film campaign is broadcasting live footage of people passing through Yonge-Dundas Square.

Copied from Media in Canada - cineplexLightning

Cineplex gets creative with popcorn

Will lightning strike a giant bag of popcorn in an empty small town field?


What the world needs now

Clark Stanley is spreading the love with a new video.


What do you call yourself?

The CMA and Saatchi say it’s time to get over your inflated titles and focus on the work, geez.


Taking a joyride

Pennzoil gets fast and furious.