To fly or not to fly (for free)

This product demonstration video for Air Canada’s premium seats is neatly disguised as a gift-vertising spot.


Doing ‘it’ for Denmark

How Spies’ loyalty program is encouraging Danes to fornicate for the good of the country.

Megadeth beer

Headbanging new beer

Unibroue and Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine are brewing a new ale for metal fans to try at the musician’s 55th birthday party.

nike 1

Get a reality check from Mother Superior

An 86-year-old nun puts the rest of us to shame in this inspiring Nike ad.

pie bell

Bell makes an odd comparison

What do baking and building a puzzle have to do with wireless networks?

lucky beaver 2

Lucky Beaver in the house

Jacknife Design couldn’t be any more patriotic with its series of dam-dwelling mammals that now come in shelf size.

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 4.47.56 PM

Stop working so hard

OAO says digital screens are giving your eyes a destructive workout in its latest creative (which we’re convinced is a nod to Inside Out).


Canada, as seen by Papua New Guineans

Three friends trekked from the East to West Coast (using advice from locals) in search of the Molson Canadian beer fridge.


What do you call yourself?

The CMA and Saatchi say it’s time to get over your inflated titles and focus on the work, geez.

dissolve 3

Outdoor tips for indoor people

Dissolve made a slick promo (and useful for you city-dwellers) video using stills from its vault of stock shots.