Pick your passion (project)

Bathing suits, umbrellas, tequila and more: you read about them, and now you can buy the side projects from Canadian creatives.


Party like it’s prohibition

Siempre Tequila creates a cryptic underground drinking experience to celebrate 100 years since the alcohol ban.

stimulant logo

A facelift eight years in the making

Meet the new Stimulant newsletter (don’t we sparkle?) and see what else we have in store for you.

basslet 4

You can’t get much closer to music than this

Basslet lets you feel the vibrations in jazz, or whatever else you’re into.


We’re sorry about all that bacon

Little Caesars owns up to an annoying social stunt.


Chevy creates a house of horror

Sam Raimi directs a spot that feels more like a scary film trailer.


Is nature playing tricks on our eyes?

These objects aren’t products of the earth, but they’re still pretty neat.

Netflix and chilli

Talking Food

This Instagrammer’s love of puns is avo-control.

eye 5

Self-portraits with a wild twist

This artist channels her inner spirit animals by stealing their eyes.


Poland like you’ve never seen it before

These images, taken from above, make the country look like a painting.