network effect

The network effect points to our finite attention

Talk about information overload. This is your brain on the web.


Business cards for the young ones

Kids won’t forget about Kol Kid, thanks to this idea by DS+P.

Montreal Kaleidoscope

Bye bye boring Buffalo buildings

The city is disguising its grain elevators with shiny lights.


It’s all about hosting

This dog is fat because an Ikea fan can’t cook.


(Ridiculous) lifestyles of the rich and famous

The New York Lottery thinks you’d be a better rich person.


Hilariously awkward cartoons

Absurd doesn’t even begin to describe Glen Baxter.

anatomy 4

Uncanny self-portraits

Fruits and veggies that look like brains and lungs.

pizza hut 1

This photographer is on a Pizza Hunt

He’s shot 100 Huts that are now pawnshops, churches, and more.


Architecture meets science fiction

These images of what look like post-apocalyptic suburbs are real.


Better than a burger

McDonald’s unveils what it had in mind for Peace Day.