Fearless Girl’s bulletproof message against gun violence

McCann New York’s celebrated statue throws on a vest to stand up against gun violence in the U.S.

KLM_Restaurant_Still_1 copy

Germany doesn’t know what KLM stands for

… so the brand went above and beyond to tell them the answer.


Diversity makes us great

Ogilvy helps IKEA celebrate the holidays, even if they don’t all look the same.

Burger King

Burger King feeds your nightmares

The “Nightmare King” Halloween burger is “clinically proven” to ruin your REM sleep.


Rest assured, you can yoga when you’re dead

Whether that’s a positive thing or not is up to you.


Is it soda? Is it coffee? No, it’s a 3D Halloween costume

SodaStream pranks Nespresso with this cutout costume.



Pizza Hut’s 1997 Halloween “The Pizza Head Show” ad is classic (and kooky).

Thanks Plants

Like plants? Get up and dance!

The Flower Council of Holland thinks plants are so great, they wrote a song about them.


Put a little hope in your heart

The moving spot by StrawberryFrog builds a bridge of hope for the SunTrust Foundation.


Discounts truly out of this world

Rosapark’s spot for Cdiscount shows that aliens are tech junkies just like us. Meaning they’re very impatient.