Magazines take the fight to mosquitoes

SMACK! A print campaign lets readers kill bugs the old-fashioned way.

inequality courts

An equal playing field

ESPN W used broadcast and out of home to demonstrate the gender inequality in sports.


Hair flips and highrises

As Pride Month ramps up, Kimpton Hotels taps a breakout dancer to sell its skyline views.


Travel selfies on a budget

Delta Air Lines finds a way to add interest to millennials’ dating profiles, no plane required.


Nutella’s package explosion

The hazelnut spread came in seven million different jars in Italy, until they sold out.


Huawei saves the blurry man

The tech company gets existential to sell its latest phone.

Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 10.00.10 AM

Life is a beautiful sport

Lacoste’s cinematic spots obliterate all that came before them (in our humble opinion).


Scan the wallpaper, hear a story

An app that creates children’s stories out of characters on their bedroom wall.


Ode to a wrecked bathroom

Amazon promotes music for every occasion, including your cat pushing the contents of your shelf onto the floor.


Frakta arts and crafts

Ikea shows shoppers how to transform its blue bags into other useful items.