Spotify is seriously okay with you being a free listener

Really, who hasn’t gone on a demonic spree of terror after hearing Camila Cabelo’s “Havana”?


Nike flips fashion marketing on its head

The French campaign by Yard skipped the high street and went straight to the suburbs of Paris to launch its latest model.


Peugeot drives the voice-over guy mad

In a parody-style spot, the French automaker proves that even pro drives needs the of assistance of driving technologies.

Hold My Beer

Amstel combats toxic masculinity in new Russian beer commercial

Hey man, hold my beer!


The internet, unplugged

After BETC Paris’ execution for a French telco, we’re wondering if we even actually like the internet.

Special Olympics

How art helped Colombian athletes get to next Olympics

The Special Olympics partnered with McCann Colombia on works inspired by real athletes’ training movements.


The million ways you’re a millionaire

A campaign for Chile’s Loto lottery suggests wealth is a not always found in your bank account.


You are getting very, very sleepy…

Memac Ogilvy Dubai’s print ad for IKEA is going to lull to you sleep, but that doesn’t mean it’s boring.


Fly away with this little film treasure

Delsey Paris’ campaign features an animated short that highlights the gift of adventure.


This may be the longest URL in history extends its URL-name to include a full range of destinations and accommodations.