Payless plays dirty

The retailer’s latest campaign aims to highlight the risk of judging a product by its label.


You’ve got to ‘hand’ it to Netflix

The web content for Paradise PD cuts like a knife.


Elton John will probably make you cry today

This season’s John Lewis holiday ad shows the power of a good gift.


Coasting down the motherboard highway

Artwork portrays the importance of tech for Argentina’s rural communities.

Silk Large

An arabesque for the non-dairy-esque

Forma’s print ads for Silk go back to the feel-good heyday of milk ads.


We could be injured, just for one day

BBDO Ecuador’s ad shows that music has a profound impact on all of us, but it can be dangerous in a car.


Fearless Girl’s bulletproof message against gun violence

McCann New York’s celebrated statue throws on a vest to stand up against gun violence in the U.S.

KLM_Restaurant_Still_1 copy

Germany doesn’t know what KLM stands for

… so the brand went above and beyond to tell them the answer.


Diversity makes us great

Ogilvy helps IKEA celebrate the holidays, even if they don’t all look the same.

Burger King

Burger King feeds your nightmares

The “Nightmare King” Halloween burger is “clinically proven” to ruin your REM sleep.