car2go-car2go debuts new Proud to Share mini-documentary series

Car2Go gets personal

The brand is creating mini docs to show how artists, entrepreneurs and activists use their cars.

Breast Cancer

The littlest time traveller

An awareness and fundraising film from the U.K. strikes a hopeful note with a young inventor.

New Polo

Volkswagen snaps for safety

The auto brand’s new campaign features safety selfies that used pedestrian detection technology.


Love at fast sight

Think you can make a winning first impression in under 6.7 seconds, moving at speeds of 100km/h?


What is your reason?

Fitbit invites users to share their fitness journeys with a new branded content campaign.

bath bomb KFC2

Smells like chicken

KFC Japan created a bath bomb that has the mouth-watering scent of deep fried goodness.


This is Christmas (in hidden camera format)

TalkTalk shows what went down inside a British family’s festive home last year.


The life of a working mom

A Dubai shopping and hotel giant pays tribute to working moms.


Syfy sees what you see

There’s no escaping a world of alien lights and red planets if you’re a science fiction fan.


The Honda next door

Ten home garages were turned into ten mini dealerships by the car brand in France.