Vans gives girls the power of skateboarding

The clothing and lifestyle brand’s new “Girls Skate India” campaign shows that you can kick butt whoever you are and wherever you come from.

Roseanne car 3

Cruising with the Conners

Boarding the subway in NYC? You might ride with some old familiar friends, courtesy of ABC.

Jane Walker

The logo is a lady

Johnnie Walker’s new friend Jane tastes the same as her male counterpart. Which is exactly the point.


Masculinity walks a razor’s edge

Harry’s touching film about what it means to be a man finds emotional root amid a confusing topic for boys.


Chico’s gets better with age

The&Partnership is helping the clothing brand highlight one of the fashion industry’s biggest “-isms.”


KFC is really FCK-ing sorry

Following chicken shortages in the U.K., the restaurant issues a foul-mouthed apology.


You clever clucker, you

Top Chef Canada winner Nicole Gomes gets cheeky as KFC struggles overseas.


Choosing love over money

ING Bank Netherlands’ emotional new digital ad shows what can be lost when we let money come between us.

Canal Voodoo

Canal invites you to ‘dive’ right in

Canal’s self-aware soccer ad provides a possible explanation for all those dramatic tumbles.

Werktuck chair

A lounge chair that requires some heavy lifting

German company Hornbach’s new build-it-yourself lounge chair makes an argument for accessible design.