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A blast from TV’s past

Canal uses some rather dated innovations to highlight its latest offerings.


Michael B. meta

BBDO and DirecTV use weird humour and a millennial celeb to sell new binge-watching options.


Saucy Mona and other weird condiment creations

Popeyes just created a “Sauce Gallery” that displays artwork created by its very own “sauce printer.”

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Drake’s dad isn’t that interesting, but he is real

The rapper is borrowing interest from the “most interesting man in the world” to sell whiskey in spots featuring his old man.

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Can you escape Dunkirk?

Jam3 recreates the gloomy war scene as an interactive game for the new Warner Bros. film.

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Hacks to beat the heat

7Up repurposes household items (and a few of its pop cans) to make this summer a breeze.

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Getting your hands dirty for free internet

In exchange for WiFi, 20,000 people unwittingly agreed to clear sewer blockages, scrape gum off the streets and other unsavoury activities.


SodaStream offers sensible evolution

The brand’s crusade against bottled water brings in Big Bang Theory and Game of Thrones stars.

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A gum made for flight

Air France crafts some relief for passengers whose ears suffer from cabin pressure.


Geico’s Spanish horror scene

The insurance company offers its own take on the running of the bulls.