Apple’s romantic disappearing act

The brand finds its focus in a city of 24 million.


Shake on it with a robot

Kelley Blue Book creates an android that brings the personal touch back to making a deal.


A really strong poster message

Ogilvy & Mather Chicago’s latest gun control ad can take a bullet.


A back-to-the-land brand film

Clorox’s 360-video tour of the original Burt’s Bees cabin shows a brand maker in his element.


George Clooney takes a cinematic road trip

The actor travels through decades to get a cup of Nespresso.

Student Body Armor

A bulletproof new advocacy campaign

Introducing Student Body Armour, protest fashion from Texas students.


What you talkin ’bout, Mindy?

A famous face keeps a brand name quiet in these new spots.


Drive your baby to sleep from the comfort of home

Ford created a crib that mimics a car ride to help lull your restless kid to sleep.


Johnsonville taps its employees for creative. Again.

The food company’s workers share their meaty dreams in the latest campaign.

HEAT TECH WINDOW_installed_2

Uniqlo’s OOH coup

The brand reimagined its HeatTech clothing as window insulation, generating half a million free ads.