Passion Projects


Being a better human

Extreme Group launches a clothing line that encourages people to be kind to each other.


Funny food for thought

Tribal’s Frank Macera has some thoughts he’d like to share in a pair of books that’ll make you think while you laugh.


JWT Canada gets dads to talk about consent

The agency wants to change what “20 minutes of action” means.

The Incredible Intergalactic Journey Home_Child&book4

Lost My Name

Ex-digital ad folks have launched the second in their book series that incorporates a child’s name and neighbourhood into the story.


Honey you can feel good about

Nude Bee Honey helps its little bees access certain plants (from wild flowers to pumpkins) to create artisanal, flavoured nectar.


Feel like a child again (in an adult body)

Tantra Bicycle was launched by an ad guy at AlterSpark who has a penchant for peddles with stylish design.

Island of Saints 2

Creatives can build things, too

The Rooftop Agency’s Matthew Parish can build you a bed, a table and (our favourite) a light in the shape of an “M.”

Sid Lee

Proudly wasting time and money since 1993

Ever wonder what goes on OUTSIDE the walls of Sid Lee? Now there’s a hub for all those passion projects you’re curious about.


Comb over Trump, Canada’s in the spotlight now

Grey and Critical Mass are offering Americans escape plans in the event of the brash candidate landing in the oval office.

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 9.57.58 PM

Line drawings by an account executive

While we like to drink drinks, Cundari’s Danielle Shedletzky likes to doodle drinks.