Passion Projects


We’re in need of some passion

Our silent auction (and your chance at fame) is back.


Snapchat filters on a stick

This art director gives props to the art of prop-making.


Sounds like Canada

Cleansheet is making a Canadian playlist inspired by the country’s distinct sounds.


Art on strings

Advertising designer Jason Wren does the most remarkable things with a piece of twine.

stress eater 2

We’re on the hunt for artistic philanthropists

Want to donate the brilliant output of your side project labours and reap Stimulant fame?


Agency axe throwing, for a cause

Ad folk can channel their competitive spirit into helping LGBT youth at the Axe Out Homophobia event.


Pick your passion, again

Calling all big-hearted creatives with a Passion Project on the side: show some love for our silent auction.


Canadian Apparel pops up

Why the OneMeth team is getting patriotic for the weekend.

Screen Shot 2017-02-06 at 9.35.25 PM

Birthday doodles

Grip turned 15 last week. Instead of giving them cake, it let staffers draw all over its website.


A healthier kind of stress eating

Advertising student Darryl Sinclair’s dolls offer a vessel for unwanted anxiety.