Passion Projects


Your gold Pencil is $1 away

Rethink is crowdfunding the path to One Show glory.

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God, duck lips, the zombie apocalypse and more

Red figured out what makes us tick, and turned it into an infographic.

Social Calories

Calories can be social too

A pair of creatives created a guide to running off the foods you love.

Day 3-444_lowres

Ad folk get Portraits for Good

Dan Bannister captures creatives on camera for charity.


Down with hatecopy

Maria Qamar’s sketches feature feisty female figures from Desi soaps.

price incentives1

What would you do to keep David Price?

Fans are promising tattoos and free food if he stays with the Jays.


Pride in pizza

Windor’s Spotvin packages local spirit in our favourite kind of box.

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Flip the Script

DentsuBos/360i spot parallels between advertising and filmmaking.


Tequila, lime and a dash of entrepreneurial spirit

Two creatives quit their jobs to create the juice of Agave Gods.

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John St-ers Jessica Schnurr and Hannah Smit have a beef with media.