Passion Projects

hamburger menu

Gale says it’s time to let go

How this agency killed the “Hamburger Menu” in one fell swoop.

zulu 1

Zulu Alpha Kilo’s unconventional hub

The agency’s new website is unlike any other. Also, it’s totally fake.


Fancy a rain protector designed by your favourite artist?

Pluvio umbrella is contemporary art meets nylon taffeta.


Red Lion fluffs up a conflicting cushion

A pillow that’s made for talking and/or fighting this Valentine’s Day.


Candy for ad folk

Evans Hunt created sweetheart candies to woo the industry.


Patience is a virtue

It took Zulu Alpha Kilo seven years to make this video.


Your gold Pencil is $1 away

Rethink is crowdfunding the path to One Show glory.

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 9.35.01 PM

God, duck lips, the zombie apocalypse and more

Red figured out what makes us tick, and turned it into an infographic.

Social Calories

Calories can be social too

A pair of creatives created a guide to running off the foods you love.

Day 3-444_lowres

Ad folk get Portraits for Good

Dan Bannister captures creatives on camera for charity.