Random Cool

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A new kind of seeing eye

This thinking app describes the world in front of those without sight.

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Waste not, fertilize much

A compact recycler can turn last night’s leftovers into tomorrow morning’s plant food.

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Power from the ceiling Gods

Phone battery dead? Stay where you are. This tile can wirelessly charge your device as you stand.

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Forget your driver’s license

This wearable combines biometric fingerprint and voice recordings so your identity is never questioned.


Now your cat can film itself

Current Studios has an app that will take photos of your cat when you’ve got other things to do.


OneMethod gives a C.R.A.P. (four actually)

The agency recognizes clients who gave it the space to be creative.

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Furniture for DIYers

Affordable and easy-to-screw-together furniture for those looking to venture outside Ikea.


The very funny myth of adulthood

This artist’s doodles, now in book form, will definitely draw smiles on any day of the year.

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Let there be WiFi

Eliminate those pesky dead zones with a smart “life bulb.”

Paris review

The Art of Fiction, unlimited

From Hemingway to Didion, here’s a subscription filled with testimonials about the creative process.