Top Ad Ideas


The sun also rises

Mercedes-Benz Canada embarked on an ambitious quest for a long-awaited daybreak.


Time to get hands-on with cancer awareness

Giants & Gentlemen’s new campaign for Testicular Cancer Canada puts a face (two in fact) to a low-down problem.


Who’s this ad really talking to?

The Responsible Gambling Commission’s new ad does a swift flip of the creative… depending on who you are.


Watch that sword

Harlequin wants you to know that a hot date is only a page turn away.

Ski Guy

Finger lickin’ freestyle

KFC’s new ad is straight out of an ’80s flick. And we love it.


Canadian Tire taps a golden opportunity

In support of its “We All Play for Canada” campaign, the company extended a golden hockey stick to Canadians.


A buzz-worthy children’s book

Honey Nut Cheerios partners with a kids lit legend to launch another ‘Bring Back the Bees’ effort.


How about an out-of-this-world mentor?

The Canadian Woman’s Foundation wants young girls to reach out to true role models – like perhaps an astronaut – for online advice.


When being ‘uninteresting’ is a virtue

Insurance company Belairdirect promises to be the most boring provider you’ve ever had.


Show everyone who you ‘r’

Motionball shows the monsters in those who use the “r-word.”