Top Ad Ideas


Water you doing here?

Rarefied air gets bottled and sold as part of a pop-up stunt.

Metro Vancouver Fatberg TSA exterior

Kayak and Metro Vancouver win OMAC’s Iris prize

Sometimes gross is gold.

PepsiCo Foods Canada-Canada- Wear your Love of Doritos- Ketchup

Doritos makes Ketchup on-trend

With a capsule collection and online lookbook, the chip brand takes a stylish approach to celebrating the flavour.

Donair Cam

Nova Scotia Webcams goes meaty

The webcam network wanted to draw more viewers. It found the answer in a spinning hunk of donair meat.

Photo Instagram Activia.2_preview

Activia gets down-to-Earth

The brand’s new creative focuses on women in casual settings rather than depicting them as glam go-getters.


Canada Post unveils its doggie designs

In advance of the Lunar New Year, stamps will be adorned with adorable pups designed by Subplot Design.

Hot Milk Man

Some like milk hot

Kellogg’s found a “Hot-Milk Man” ambassador who’s not too bad on the eyes.

The Penthouse_1

The Penthouse censors itself

The Vancouver adult entertainment venue’s new brand identity shows viewers just enough for them to get the idea.

The Bitcoin Bucket is Here

KFC gets a ‘bit’ creative

The fast food company traded its $20 bucket for Bitcoins (for a limited time).


The Lost Wallet project

Atlantic Credit Unions left full wallets in public to see if Canadians are as trustworthy as hoped.