Top Ad Ideas


Leucan gets tough so you don’t have to

Tam-Tam/TBWA’s new ad for the charity incorporates themes of unity and breaking stereotypes.


Bob’s sleek and simple work for Axel

Bright colours, minimalist aesthetic and a human touch brings a new mental health accelerator to life.

Shiseido Purse Lg

To infinity (mirrors) and beyond

A cool new clutch is now available at the Art Gallery of Ontario and nationwide at Hudson’s Bay stores.


‘H’ for effort

Atelier BangBang has made Hexarem’s ‘H’ into the centerpiece of a complex new design.

Good Weird

The good kind of weird

Brewer Fuggles and Warlock’s print ads say you should never judge a weirdo (or beer) by their quirks.

Canada Goose

Canada Goose paints the town blue

Pantone developed a new shade that will be used in the clothing brand’s jackets to help Canada’s polar bears.


In search of the snowbird

How ski resort Le Massif de Charlevoix aims to bring these “birds” back home.


You clever clucker, you

Top Chef Canada winner Nicole Gomes gets cheeky as KFC struggles overseas.


Santa Teresa’s scribbles

The annual music festival’s poster style incorporate familiar elements with some creative lines and hatches.


Playing the feminist card

Lg2′s new poker deck changes poker and a few preconceived notions.