Top Ad Ideas


You clever clucker, you

Top Chef Canada winner Nicole Gomes gets cheeky as KFC struggles overseas.


Santa Teresa’s scribbles

The annual music festival’s poster style incorporate familiar elements with some creative lines and hatches.


Playing the feminist card

Lg2′s new poker deck changes poker and a few preconceived notions.


How about some family-friendly porn?

Brad Montreal’s new outdoor campaign for Pornhub shows that we’re more connected than you think.

Fun Magnet2 (1)

This is a mannequin’s world

Fallsview Casino added some backstory to the props on its new billboard.

Life in the Bowl

Life in the bowl

Toronto Public Health’s sentient condoms are serious about sexual health.

McDo-Valentine-Panneau2 FR

McDonald’s asks ‘Qui aimes-tu?’

Cossette and Astral team up to bring messages of love to Montreal streets.


You’ll love VW’s new ads, but only like a friend

Why does Valentine’s Day always have to be about romantic love?

Air Canada_Stim

Canadians fly high with Air Canada

The airline goes all in on the patriotism in new creative for the Olympics.


On Valentine’s Day, #AgenciesNeedLoveToo

Toronto agencies can expect a greeting in the mail this year, sent with love by Elemental.