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A backwards duel

Audi created an ad that starts at the end and shows the ridiculous hijinks inspired by car envy.


Audi and Airbnb team up in the desert

Soon, anyone will be able to rent the stylish home and car from the joint brand spot.

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Carte Blanche ideas coming to a city near you

Stolen, smoky and smart shelters: these are a few of the industry’s favourite things to come true in outdoor ads.


The Drones take over

You need not fear though, Audi is here.


50 shades of awkward

Audi spoofs its role in Grey-mania.


Stunt parking

Audi pulls off a tight squeeze.


Oh deer

Audi’s blurred sign.


Super Bowl car commercials

Who’s in the driver’s seat for this year’s ads?

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Audi’s Canada

The car co. takes us on a grand tour of the country.

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One millimetre

Audi gets up close and detailed.