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A blast from TV’s past

Canal uses some rather dated innovations to highlight its latest offerings.

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A gum made for flight

Air France crafts some relief for passengers whose ears suffer from cabin pressure.

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Life is a beautiful sport

Lacoste’s cinematic spots obliterate all that came before them (in our humble opinion).


Game over

Ubisoft imagines a global collapse (and guess what? You’re the cause).

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There’s no avoiding Canal+ sports coverage

This man goes to every soccer match, yet he misses every game.


The nice and the ugly side of war

Here’s why we need Reporters Without Borders.


He’s a mechanic on the car floor

Cillit Bang makes cleaning (almost) fun with this Flashdance parody.

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Now that’s a gift

Canal+ shows what you should be asking for this Christmas.


Schneider-Electric saves the world

…one (not so) ordinary office worker at a time.

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Ivey Leaguers in white shirts

How Gant helped define the 1960s collegiate look.