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Schneider-Electric saves the world

…one (not so) ordinary office worker at a time.

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Ivey Leaguers in white shirts

How Gant helped define the 1960s collegiate look.


A mannequin’s journey for love

Le Slip builds an American following with a wild love story.

skin checker

If you care for someone…

…then check their beauty spots, says La Roche-Posay.

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The French do it best

Air France paints a colourful picture with an in-flight (fashion?) video.

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Where did they all go?

Canal+ knows the real reason why unicorns no longer exist.

Canal_ Capture 01

Looking lively

Canal+ puts cameramen in the heart of the action.


Critter party

Raccoons get raucous for Schneider Electric.


Bad boys in Paris

Disneyland shows the park is for grown-up kids too.


You make the call

Canal+’s custom director’s cut.