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Burger King is cool with being the worst

The chain’s new campaign in the Netherlands invites fans to grill everything awful, from Crocs to bad gifts.

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Time for your burger ultrasound

What to expect when you’re expecting a mystery Burger King meal.


A toothpaste to keep burger breath going strong

Burger King France’s agency is expanding beyond food and into oral hygiene with a Whopper Toothpaste.

Burger King

A straw made for two

Burger King made a tandem tube for couples who don’t mind sharing.


Not quite a hoverboard (but close enough)

Burger King brings us a bit of Back to the Future with a “Hovertray.”

Burger King

Food for fans

Burger King tests the willpower of football fanatics.

burger king

Trim the fat

Burger King cuts costs.


The ring master

Burger King puts a ring on it.



Burger King diagnoses eating disorders.


The Steakhouse

BK knows a good burger is built on solid foundations. Like steak and bacon.