Articles Tagged ‘Circle Productions’


Colonel Steal Yo Girl

You know that movie, What Women Want? Spoiler alert: it’s chicken.

boston bots

Here come the Boston bots

Just another corporate video, featuring all-terrain robot dogs.

satelite footage

A stunning eye in the sky

Ever seen a timelapse video from space before?

david oreilly

David O’Reilly’s rebellious animated film

Watch a cat and mouse’s troubled relationship in the distant future.

garden 2

Stroll through A Garden of Parallel Paths

Mind-bending video art made from the ordinary.

12 09 14 spaces

Pretty spaces

Bask in beautiful interiors.

21 09 12 bb guns

So Soho

Toronto’s BB Guns rock out.

12 09 14 huang


A short film that plays serious head games.