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It’s so damn hot

The Dairy Farmers offer milk as a good summer choice.


A shocking photo booth

This machine marks people’s faces with bruises to show the prevalence of domestic violence in Germany.


Seeing vision loss in a new way

CNIB and DDB tackle misconceptions about blind employees in two PSAs that end with a twist.


Bike to work with Playmobil hair

Bicycle helmet design has really come a long way.


Daredevil characters looking worse for wear

DDB stages a Twitter war on the streets of Toronto.

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Seven days of unboxing the Samsung Galaxy

One phone, six individuals and a whole lot of unwrapping.


A “little” paint

DDB shows that a small amount of CIL paint goes a long way.


McDonald’s boxes for bikers

Tribal Buenos Aires helps peddle packaging for pedal people.

Tiguan Prom Night

A trip towards (awkward) love

Volkswagen makes its drive memorable and adorable.


Don’t selfie and drive

Volkswagen shows that nothing ruins a photo like a car crash.