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Ikea 5

Home pets

Ikea puts pooches on display.

Ikea 2


Ikea provides the setting for cohabiting etiquette.

Leo Burnett

Monkey business

Leo Burnett reveals the plan behind Darwin.

ikea catalogue

Augmented catalogue

Ikea virtually puts the furniture in your home.



Ikea battles for backyard supremacy.


Kitchen anthem

Ikea sings the room’s praise.

12 08 22 ikea 1

Ikea’s peephole

The retailer gives a glimpse into its new catalogue.

12 08 07 ikea 2

Hanger art

Colourful Ikea hangers get a second life.

12 07 27 ikea

Ikea brew

The furniture giant makes its own beer.

12 07 20 Ikea

Interactive Ikea

A seriously augmented catalogue.