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Can dairy give you the strength to dance?

A new Diary Farmers campaign from KBS Montreal zeroes in on the benefits of protein.


Always look professional with the Slacker Stick

KBS makes sure you’re always on, even when you’re not.

Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 10.23.50 AM

Semi Permanent gets a graphic treatment

Have a “fun time floating through the void” with these titles.

Jamie X

Listening to the beats of colour

Jamie xx’s full-length solo debut is a masterpiece of emotion.

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Wear this: a colour-shifting sneaker

Design your sneaker from your phone, in real-time.

Matt Berger

Matt Berger’s raw skateboarding tricks

This isn’t a video game. This is the real deal.

KBS Ideas to Burn

Rejected decks, tissues and storyboards

KBS creatives don’t recycle ideas, they burn them.

riley 3

Riley Stewart

Portraits of personalities and patrons at your local Tim Hortons.


Sh*t rough drafts

Educated guesses as to what the original drafts of famous works said.