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The Bitcoin Bucket is Here

KFC gets a ‘bit’ creative

The fast food company traded its $20 bucket for Bitcoins (for a limited time).

bath bomb KFC2

Smells like chicken

KFC Japan created a bath bomb that has the mouth-watering scent of deep fried goodness.


Colonel Sanders on a plane serving coffee

KFC debuts a music video to convince the Chinese market that it’s serious about its coffee business.

KFC Canada-KFC Canada changes name to K-ehFC

Grab a bucket from K’ehFC

The QSR joins the Canada 150 celebration with a name change.


The finger lickin’ future is upon us

KFC’s latest tech innovation gives Alexa a run for its money.

Copied from strategy - kfc

KFC takes you to cooking school

The restaurant chain pulls back the curtain on how it prepares its crispy chicken.


Lighting a candle for every brand

Netflix and KFC find a new sense to invade.


Crispy chicken complexion

KFC makes a sunscreen that smells finger looking good (but that’s about it).


The real deal

KFC and Grip “take care” of the Double Down’s imitators.


Shake it like a polaroid picture

Grip created a special KFC bucket that spits out photos.