Articles Tagged ‘Kickstarter’


Ruggie is the world’s best alarm clock

No more snoozing: you need to get out of bed to turn off this alarm.

wearable dwelling 2

A coat that’s also a tent

Meant for refugees, this neat coat-tent is a “wearable dwelling.”

Loon cup 2

This is one smart menstrual cup

Ever wanted to know what your period says about you?


The Wizards of Trinity Bellwoods

A video game where you avoid hipsters and collect cans for dough.

fart crop

Pfffffft feeds your inner child

Illustrated fart literature by two Cossette creatives.

Lava Mae

Lava Mae

Mobile (bus) showers for the homeless.


Variable fashion

Geeks get chic with this new nerd-wear company.


An iPhone case

…that’s also a ring light flash – and a cautionary tale for budding Kickstarters.


Pono player

Neil Young’s not changing music. He’s letting music change you.

halved 1

Halved dinner

Perfect dishes for the portion-measurement impaired.