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Prostate Cancer Canada puts its finger on the button

McCann’s got a cheeky new spot to normalize prostate exams.

03 Kidney

The most precious gift

McCann Health Brazil’s re-imagining of crucial organs promotes donation in a creative fashion.

Lima Billboard

There’s something in the air

Peruvian natural gas company Calidda created a billboard where the tagline is literally spelled out with pollution.


A casting call open to bunnies of all sizes

Trix searches for a new, real mascot.


Ugly graffiti

CIF strips the offensive.


Ready to play

Android gives a ‘thumbs up’ to its new Sony collaboration.


A beer’s life

Heineken wants beer drinkers to always be there for its bottles.


Imagine it

It’s easy if you try.


Vertigo loop

One two three, one two three, one…


Blue balls

It makes you blind, y’know.