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fake ad

When in doubt, make your own ad

Quality creative, or high-concept trolling?

McDonalds CA

What’s $5 worth to you?

McDonald’s latest ad shows that what you can get (and what you probably don’t want) for just a fiver.


McDonald’s makes music

The fast food company tinkered with its cup holders to make a boombox.

McDonald-s Canada-First-ever McDonald-s- in Canada celebrates re

Care to order a burger from 1967?

McDonald’s Canada celebrates an anniversary with a dash of retro styling.


What you talkin ’bout, Mindy?

A famous face keeps a brand name quiet in these new spots.

PJ party

Ain’t no party like a PJ party

McDonald’s jams in jammies to celebrate its All Day Breakfast menu launch.

McDonald's_classic_lunch_WEDS (1)

Time for a classic

Cossette helps McDonald’s (and commuters) prioritize lunch.

Screen Shot 2016-09-26 at 10.47.06 PM

Four hours of McDonald’s food prep

Who wants to watch paint dry when you can watch hour-long loops of bacon sizzling on a skillet?


The beans are back

Coffee has never been so thrilling, romantic or comedic than in McDonald’s latest film parodies for this year’s TIFF.


McDonald’s farmers get the third degree

Watch these kids grill a local rancher with questions that we adults wish we could ask.