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Never grow up

Who says adults (even those wrinkly seniors who blow out a kid’s birthday candles) wouldn’t enjoy the Ottawa Animation fest?

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Get a Betterful brand

McMillan is giving away a free rebrand to a local charity. And not just a logo redesign, but a year-long commitment.

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Interns, a game by agency McMillan

Conquer the temptation of booze and find winning ideas (for free).

useless web

Random websites

For those days when you need pointless entertainment.


The Paternal Drunk

Cocktail concoctions for stay-at-home dads.

Jenny 5

Lettering love

A Toronto art director with a fascination for typography.

to this day

To This Day

An animated film with heart-breaking words.



Sketches of mom-and-pop corner stores in downtown Ottawa.


Two years of Movember

McMillan unveils an unusual addiction.



The CDA thinks indoor tanning is bad. Duh.