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Several Seconds

Flickr finds

You’d be surprised by the talent on this (arguably) dated platform.

American Auburb X

American Suburb X

Examine photography and culture under this site’s lens.

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They’re just like us

Heroes and villains going to the loo and doing other mundane things.

7 days of garbage

7 Days of Garbage

Portraits of people in a bed of trash they produce in a week.

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Morning Views from the Tent

Warning: NSFW material will make you want to quit your job.



This is what it looks like to really live off the grid.

Photo illusions 6

Photographic illusions

Where physical boundaries go to die.


Subway flipbook

Pics on the sly illustrate the commuting life.


Free falling

Capturing the human body in suspended peril.


Skin growth

The body is fertile ground for these photos.