Articles Tagged ‘Rethink’


Keep your Marketing Awards speeches short

People are not coming to the ceremony on June 13 to hear you drone on. Trust us.


Heinz ketchup ad has heart

Rethink’s love story featuring a potato may woo back some patriotic Canadians.


Greenpeace Canada sticks it to plastic

Rethink reimagines its award-winning campaign for Instagram users.


NFB creates NSFW-ish video

The film board and Rethink’s new video features drawings of ‘eggplants’ to make an important point about ‘peaches.’

Family fun at sleepover

IKEA Canada hosts an epic PJ party

Sweet dreams are made of this campaign from the creative minds at Rethink.


Send us your… oh gosh, NO!

The Greater Vancouver Food Bank might be the best possible place to send an eggplant emoji.


The magic of reusing

Rethink pulls a rabbit out of its hat for IKEA Canada’s holiday spot.


My heart still pints for you

Grab a spoon. Rethink’s got the rest covered.


We love this shit

Toronto visual artist Justin Poulsen creates 50 different images celebrating the Poop emoji’s 10th anniversary.


Skate shop ads give clients what they crave

The Drive Skate Shop brought Rethink Canada in to create more than your average outdoor ad.