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trump cat

Trump your pets

It’s simple. Just shape their fur into a “lush Trumpian toupee.”


There’s more than one way to tie a shoe

Nike’s Flyease project symbolizes everything that’s good about design.


A dark and stormy night

Sid Lee joins Subway in spinning a tall tale.


Made in Italy?

The Italian Trade Commission pulls back the curtain on impostors.

butt crack plumbing

Butt of the joke

Hoyle’s Plumbing finds a (cheeky) way to get attention.


Happiness breaks the ice

Coca-Cola shows it can bring even the most hated rivals together.

installation 1

Creatively low-tech

Sid Lee’s analogue-esque exhibition for the ADC.


Spit it out

Toronto FC’s bloody big deal.


Brands get fowl

For those who missed the spots from the latest strategy magazine article.

burger king

Trim the fat

Burger King cuts costs.