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Paying homage to hip-hop artists

Famous rap albums with famous Marvel characters.

trump cat

Trump your pets

It’s simple. Just shape their fur into a “lush Trumpian toupee.”


There’s more than one way to tie a shoe

Nike’s Flyease project symbolizes everything that’s good about design.


A dark and stormy night

Sid Lee joins Subway in spinning a tall tale.


Made in Italy?

The Italian Trade Commission pulls back the curtain on impostors.

butt crack plumbing

Butt of the joke

Hoyle’s Plumbing finds a (cheeky) way to get attention.


Happiness breaks the ice

Coca-Cola shows it can bring even the most hated rivals together.

installation 1

Creatively low-tech

Sid Lee’s analogue-esque exhibition for the ADC.


Spit it out

Toronto FC’s bloody big deal.


Brands get fowl

For those who missed the spots from the latest strategy magazine article.