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Back to school salutes

Sport Chek welcomes back crisp daybreaks and early ice times for the Class of 2018 (and 2028).


Kevin Pillar makes a wish

Sport Chek goes to target practice again with its favourite right-handed sniper.


Sport Chek vs. drones, round three

Rethink and Kevin Pillar of the Blue Jays help with the retailer’s vendetta against drones.


Impressive feats of yoga strength

Sport Chek slows down, but keeps the intensity.


Sport Chek destroys more drones

Rethink helps Kyle Lowry one-up Steven Stamkos.


Everybody sweats

Sport Chek shares stories of why runners run.


An ode to hockey

Sport Chek educates fans on confusing game lingo.

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Let it snow

Sport Chek proves you don’t need the powder.

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Pounding anthem

Sport Chek drops a beat.

12 04 18 sport chek

Spring kickoff

Sport Chek brings its A-game to Toronto streets.